RydeBarre Workshop: Nutritional Wellness

Join Dr. Kate Lambourne, CSCS and RydeBarre for a 4-part workshop focused on developing nutritional wellness behaviors to establish a "Healthy at Any Size Lifestyle."

Date: Sundays (2/22, 3/8, 3/29, 4/5)
Time: 1-2 PM
Cost: $45 for a single session or $120 for all four sessions ($30 per session)

BOOK your spot now. Please Note: After clicking on the link, use your regular RydeBarre log in, and then make sure you are on the "Events" tab and select the workshop session or "select all" if you would like to attend all FOUR sessions. If you select all 4 sessions, you can then use the discounted pricing option. Or use the "Drop In Workshop" pricing option if you only wish to attend select sessions.

Session 1: Shifting to a Wellness Perspective
  • why dieting does not work and how it can be harmful in the long run
  • why your weight is not the best indicator of your health
  • introduction to a non-dieting perspective and mindfulness/intuitive eating as an alternative to rigid food rules
Session 2: Mindful/Intuitive Eating
  • what is mindful eating and why is it beneficial?
  • mindful eating self-assessment
  • how to tune into hunger/fullness signals
  • how to differentiate between different types of hunger
  • how to eliminate guilt about food
Session 3: Mindfulness as a Strategy to Improve Health and Reduce Stress
  • the benefits of mindfulness across all aspects of life
  • how to develop a mindful environment
  • mindfulness skills: nonjudgement, acceptance, letting go
  • how to mindfully handle the scale and let go of weight wishes
Session 4: Building a Wellness Vision
  • healthy eating and diet strategies
  • the importance of a wellness vision to health behavior
  • assessment and completion of a personal wellness vision

About Dr. Kate Lambourne, CSCS
Dr. Kate’s early work in the health and fitness industry sparked her passion for helping people improve their overall wellness. This led her to pursue a PhD in Exercise Psychology from the University of Georgia and has since conducted research studies on increasing the fitness and health of the deconditioned population. Along with her PhD, she has been certified through the National Association for Strength and Conditioning as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist since 2006. She has also spent hundreds of hours as a health educator, teaching groups of people strategies to improve their health behaviors. Dr. Kate’s mission is to help people go beyond the number on the scale to a more holistic view of wellness including physical activity, nutrition, self-esteem, stress, and life satisfaction.


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