Are you looking to learn nutrition habits that will help you take the guesswork out of what to eat, enhance your workout, or provide more energy for everyday life? Team RydeBarre’s Heidi M. and Eliza H. want to help you realize those goals.

Heidi and Eliza started Synergy Nutrition Coaching to help clients feel better, play better, and look better for the long term.  The two coaches believe healthy eating strategies should be flexible while aiming to fuel your body, mind, and soul in order to help you achieve your lifestyle and fitness goals. 

Currently there are so many different “diets” being thrown around in social media and society — clean eating, paleo, gluten free, low fat, and the list goes on! 

While these strategies may be beneficial for individuals with certain medical conditions, others look to these particular diets with hopes of finally achieving their weight loss goals. But they often lead to drastic weight changes that aren’t sustainable for the long-term, or little to no changes in weight or energy level.

The feelings of guilt and/or shame from not being able to continue with the lifestyle or not meeting the desired goal take over and lead to a cycle of yo-yo dieting, decreases in athletic performance, and ultimately a feeling of hopelessness. 

Good nutrition is about much more than weight loss or gain.

Synergy Nutrition Coaching
places equal emphasis on improving your health, daily performance, and body composition to help you achieve the right energy balance for your body.  You’ll find the interaction of these elements combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements. 

Past Participants Said: 
“Eat less, move more.  Simple stuff, right?  Well, NO.  If it was that simple, we’d all be winning the constant weight battle.  Nutrition is complicated…we are all different.  Heidi and Eliza are so talented in helping you set up a nutrition and lifestyle program that makes sense and helps you enjoy life feeling and looking better,” – Kathy D.

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