About RydeBarre
RydeBarre is a locally owned and operated boutique fitness studio specializing in indoor cycling and barre conditioning and strengthening classes. RydeBarre classes are designed by certified instructors and tailored to accommodate clients with varied experiences, intensity levels and fitness goals.

Eliza Hale and Susie Wilson, co-owners of RydeBarre, are Lawrence residents with strong community ties.

RydeBarre’s convenient day, evening and weekend class times mesh with even the busiest of schedules.
Attending a class couldn’t be any easier. RydeBarre’s pay-per-class system means there are no contracts or membership agreements to tie you down. Multi-class packages are available.

What does RydeBarre offer?
RydeBarre specializes in indoor cycling and barre conditioning and strengthening classes.

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How far in advance can I schedule a class?
You can reserve a bike or spot at our barre one week in advance.  Our online schedule is always current.  

Do you offer memberships?
No, we do offer several class packages that can be purchased online or in the studio.  You are in control of the terms for your fitness program.

What are the benefits of indoor cycling?
Whether for strength conditioning, increased endurance or weight control, our indoor cycling classes utilize the revolutionary RealRyder Indoor Cycle, providing a joint-friendly workout that adds a whole new range of motion, allowing you to turn, lean and steer like never before on a stationary bike. Our classes will tone your legs and arms, strengthen your core, improve your balance and offer an unrivaled cardio workout.

Your certified RealRyder instructor will guide you through a variety of hills and speed drills, and you are in control of your own resistance and speed, so our classes are ideal for all fitness levels.

RealRyder® indoor cycling classes at RydeBarre:   

  • Increase endurance and stamina with a cardio workout.
  • Activate core muscles the entire time you ride.
  • Build upper and lower body strength.
  • Burn 20% more calories per hour compared to traditional stationary bikes.
  • Improve speed and power with a variety of dynamic, functional movements.


What are the benefits of barre fitness classes?
Barre is a total-body exercise regimen that incorporates the stationary handrail, or barre, that ballet dancers use to improve their flexibility and extension, strengthen muscles and perfect technique.  Barre classes fuse techniques of Pilates, ballet, calisthenics and yoga into one comprehensive workout.  Classes are oriented towards body toning and sculpting rather than art or performance. Choreographed to music, our barre classes apply toning, cardiovascular and flexibility enhancing elements.

All of RydeBarre’s barre classes are based upon the Booty Barre® method. Booty Barre® was developed by Tracey Mallett, an internationally acclaimed fitness expert, former professional dancer and master Pilates instructor.  Unlike other barre programs, Booty Barre® does not rely primarily on isometric muscle contractions but instead incorporates more functional movement. Booty Barre® utilizes fluid, full-range motion, which helps prevent injuries as it more closely mimics how we move in real life.

Booty Barre® incorporates mat work and small accessories including hand weights, playground balls and therapy bands, which we provide at the studio. We are committed to personalized attention, so barre classes are limited to 10 people.  All levels welcome.


I’m a beginner and have never done cycling, barre, or yoga. Can I come to any class?
Yes!  Every class is a little different but all are adaptable to your fitness level.

A few things to remember when you come in for your first class:

  • Read through our New Ryder Handout for some tips before your first ryde class. 
  • Come in a few minutes early and check in at our front desk.
  • Let the instructor know you are new, so they can do a bike setup and fit with you.
  • Dress comfortably:  shorts or cycling shorts, short sleeves, sneakers or cycling shoes. For barre and yoga classes, form-fitting clothing is best so that you can move easily and check form. Classes are done barefoot or you may wear grip socks.
  • Bring a yoga mat for yoga.  We have mats, balls, and weights for our barre classes.
  • Bring water – in a standard water bottle size so it fits in our bike cages.
  • We provide towels!


Do you have any special offers for new clients?
If you are new to RydeBarre, we have a great New Client Special for you: 3 classes for only $15.  This will give you an opportunity to try several classes to find your favorite.

What should I bring to class? Do I need cycling shoes?
Have an open mind and be ready to have fun!  Water is also very important to bring.  Please note that standard water bottles fit best in our bike holders.  We have towels here for you to use and you can purchase water if you forget to bring some.

Tennis shoes or cycling shoes work with our bike pedals.  Something to consider on the cycling shoe side: By connecting your shoes directly to the pedal, you activate more muscles during your indoor cycling workout and maintain more control over the bike. So while cleats aren’t absolutely necessary, they are enormously beneficial.

We have all that you need for barre classes, so just bring water and wear comfortable, form-fitting attire to best check form.  For yoga classes, please bring a yoga mat.  Barre and yoga classes are done barefoot or you may wear grip socks.

What is your cancellation policy?
We ask that you cancel your reservation at least 2 hours prior to the start of class so another lucky client can have a chance to join the class.  If you late cancel, or no show, you will lose the class (the class will be debited from your account). You can easily cancel a reservation by logging into your account via our Website or App. Once you timely cancel a class, the class is returned to your account to be used at a future date; the class is not refunded.  For unlimited class package holders, we have a three-strike policy.  If you late cancel or no show more than three classes without cancelling prior to the 2-hour cancellation window, you will be charged a $12 missed class fee. This fee will be charged for each subsequent missed class that is not cancelled in the appropriate time frame.

What is your waitlist policy?
If you were unable to reserve a spot in class because it is full, the system will ask if you would like to be put on the waitlist. We highly recommend putting yourself on the waitlist because spots often open up, and as spots open up in the class, we give them away to members on the waitlist (in the order that they placed themselves on the list) up to 2 hours prior to class. If you add yourself to the waitlist, you will receive an email or text message if a spot opens and you will automatically be added to that class if it is at least 2 hours prior to the class start time. Please keep in mind that if you no longer want to attend the class, you must remove yourself from the waitlist to avoid being charged for a no show should you be added to the class. Additionally, you can always check with us to see if there has been a late cancel, freeing up a spot in class.

Can I transfer my package to another RydeBarre client?
No. Packages and passes cannot be refunded, exchanged or transferred.  All class package sales are final.

Can I ryde solo or with a group of friends or colleagues?
You sure can!  RydeBarre instructors can develop one-on-one classes or private group classes.  Book our studio for:

    •    Corporate team rydes
    •    Birthday parties
    •    Bachelorette parties and bride rydes
    •    Charity ryde-a-thons
    •    Greek events

Please email Team RydeBarre at info@rydebarre.com or call the studio at 785-856-4044.

Do you allow teens to take class?
Yes!  Participants must be at least 51 inches tall and 15 years old to ryde. However, each participant will be individually fitted to ensure that there will be no risk of injury. The instructor will make the final determination. Please respect that call to keep our clients safe!

Do you have showers?
No showers.  We do have two large, fully stocked bathrooms, a changing room and storage cubbies.

Do you have child care?
We don’t offer child care.  We love children but just don’t have room in the studio for a child care area.

Are you a fitness chain?
We are super flattered by all the questions about other locations, but RydeBarre isn’t a franchise.  The studio is a Lawrence-grown original!  So, Lawrence, Kansas, is the only location to date … but one never knows if another RydeBarre will pop up.





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